Arohar is a powerful live streaming enhancement app for interactive live streaming, online meetings, live game and social streaming. Offer easy-to-use live streaming tools to make your streams immersive, engaging and interactive!

Interactive 3D Avatars

Create a unique metaverse live streaming experience with interactive 3D avatars, supporting real-time facial animation to grab your audience’s attention!

Beauty Filters, Stickers & Effects

Beauty and Makeup Filters

Enhance your facial features with beauty and makeup filters, creating a stylish and fabulous look with one click.

Multi-Scene Switching

Switch across multiple pre-set live streaming scenes to ensure smooth and attractive live streaming. For example, users can switch to different product scenes effortlessly during live streaming e-commerce.

Multifunctional Remote Control

Remote control your live stream via App or Bluetooth, you can easily switch backgrounds and scenes, start or pause videos, adjust volume, etc.

Extensive Live Streaming Resources

Add various images, short videos, stickers or special effects to decorate and enhance your live stream with our extensive live streaming resources.

Powerful Multi-Source Live Streaming

Quickly connect to mobile screen sharing and camera for switching view angles to engage with your audience. Share your mobile screen via screen sharing seamlessly and enjoy a stable and high-quality stream!

Stream to Multiple Platforms

Create RTMP stream and stream to social media such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and more.